Curious about what we offer? Take a look below at some of our class offerings to get an idea of what is included in our memberships.

The Nexus Center is designed to be a space for play, inner exploration, and community. We maintain a regular collection of classes that focus on physical and mental well-being, and rotate in additional workshops and support groups to foster greater emotional health and balance.



Flow Arts

“Flow Arts” is a term used for a number of different prop manipulation styles. These are not only great physical skill building practices, but they unlock a number of mental and emotional benefits through reaching what is called “flow state” - the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

We offer classes in different props on a rotating basis, but may include poi, contact staff, hoop, and juggling.

Circus Training

Circus Arts are intense but beautiful and creative training practices. Though these types of practices may seem challenging, we work hard to provide instruction at any skill level or age. Circus arts are all physically demanding, but also allow for more creative flow in your physical training, allowing you to receive additional mental health benefits during your workouts.

We offer classes in aerials, hand-balancing, and floor acrobatics.

Yoga/Acroyoga/Aerial Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful tool for physical and mental health, and a great addition to anyone’s regular workout routine. We provide different practice styles to help you attain your health goals.

Acroyoga combines partner acrobatics with yoga for a more intense and connective practice. Aerial yoga uses a yoga hammock to invert upside down in the air and is a great tool for fixing spinal problems and alignment issues. As the yoga hammock offers support this is a great class for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Dance (structured & freeform)

We believe Dance is one of the greatest forms of artistic expression using the human body. It is not only an amazing workout, it’s also a way to express emotions and embrace your creative energy.

We offer both structured dance classes in formal styles such as contemporary and hip-hop, as well as freeform dance like Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv.




Mindfulness is one of the greatest tools we can use to reduce stress and maintain feelings of calm and balance in our daily lives. It can be hard to practice on our own, so we offer guided mindfulness sessions with facilitators who are trained to lead people through the process of accessing these mental states.

Self-Improvement Workshops

We offer many workshops aimed at understanding ourselves, our past experiences and how they affect us now, and understanding others. Learning tools to deepen our ability to understand what we want and need in life helps us craft more meaningful relationships, move into more satisfying careers, and overall have greater feelings of happiness. We take feedback from members as to what they find most useful in crafting their vision for life, and help facilitators to guide them on this journey.

Interpersonal Communication

Understanding how we communicate with others (and even with ourselves) is hugely beneficial to our relationships both at home and at work. Companies all over send their employees through communication training so they can operate more effectively as teams, and we believe this is equally as important in our personal relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. We offer a number of different workshops that aim to train these skills and deepen our ability to be effective listeners.

Gratitude Training

Science has shown that practicing gratitude can actually rewire how the brain works, and help us feel happier all the time, not just during our practice. We believe this is so important to our health that we practice gratitude at the end of each of our classes. This is both to help you reflect in positive ways on how your training has helped, and to gradually teach your brain to focus on the positives in life which will help reduce your overall stress and anxiety.



Art Therapy

Art is an incredibly powerful tool for creative expression, emotional processing, stress reduction, and problem-solving. As children, we create art all the time without thinking of whether or not it’s “good enough”. We hope to bring some of these benefits back to adults by offering a safe space for free creation and unbounded artistic expression.

We additionally offer some structured classes like live figure drawing, and workshops that specifically focus on accessing and healing from trauma.

Support Groups

The modern world can be challenging, and we often have no place to talk about and release some of our difficult feelings. Led by trained facilitators, we offer these group sessions so that you may find a way to leave some of your burdens behind and find a happier outlook while connecting with others who share similar difficulties.

We offer separate men’s and women’s groups to address certain topics in safe spaces. All groups are trans-inclusive and we encourage you to participate in whichever one you identify with most.

Sound Meditations

Sound meditations or “sound baths” as they are sometimes called, provide a way to deepen one’s meditation practice. By using instruments to create harmonic sounds, it gives the mind something to focus on and allows one to slip into a deeper state of relaxation.

We offer lunchtime sound meditations for short breaks during work hours, as well as longer sessions in the evening to end your day on a more peaceful note.

Community Events

We run many different community events throughout the month, all are crafted with the intention of bringing people together in a shared space for authentic connection and experience.

Open mic nights, movie screenings, lecture series, product demos, art showings, and live performances are just a few of the events we organize on behalf of our community. We also offer our space to members who have an idea they’d like to curate on our special Members-Led nights.