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Beginner Rope Play 1 + Open Rope Jam

This is class 1 out of 3 in SweetZephyr's Beginner Rope Play Series. There will be a 2.5 hour class beginning at 7:30pm + an open jam starting at 9:30. Tickets to class include access to the jam. Separate Jam tickets are also available, but please see jam notes below.

The goal of the beginner series is to introduce students on both sides of the rope to the technical, psychological, and emotional foundations of Japanese inspired rope play that will allow them to create fun, sexy, and aesthetic rope experiences as safely as possible. Students who wish to learn more advanced rope play can pursue intermediate and suspension level classes in the future, pending student interest and development. Each class, except where otherwise noted, is designed as a stand alone class that anyone who meets the prerequisites for that level can drop into. The details of planned future classes can be viewed here.

Beginner Rope Play 1 Class Content:

Rope selection and care

- Basics of physical and emotional safety

- Negotiation and consent

- Single column ties

- Basic body manipulation

- Simple one rope play


- None! Come prepared to engage in a physically intimate activity and have conversations about navigating intimacy and boundaries.

What to Wear/Bring:

- Clothes comfortable to tie and be tied in

- If you have it, 1 length of 6-10 meter, 5-6mm rope. Natural fiber or synthetic is fine, but please bring rope that is intended for use in human rope play and not hardware store rope :). We'll have some rope on hand to lend out for class if needed.

Rope Jam:

- We have up to 15 suspension points available in this space and welcome anyone to use them who is experienced with suspension. 

- If you wish to suspend, we expect that you bring all of your own straps and carabiners, use good judgment and risk management, be able to execute what you plan to do competently, and ask for help if you find yourself in a safety emergency.

-Facilitators reserve the right to ask anyone not to suspend, or to limit their play to floor play and partial suspensions, for any reason. We will do our best to communicate with you about those reasons if it comes up, but we ask that you be supportive and respectful of our choices and understand that it's not personal, but is just part of our risk management for ourselves and for the space.

Space Etiquette and Access:

- All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to class or attendance at a rope jam. A preview of the waiver can be found here

-The Nexus Center is a body, kink and sex-positive venue, but we do not allow sexual play on site. We encourage you to be comfortable in your skin but please ask that guests keep genitals covered while using the space. 

- For consideration of neighbors in the building we ask that you avoid any extreme impact play or activities that produce excessively loud noise.

- This is a sober event, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who we feel may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

- We do allow photography, but only if all participants have granted consent. Please be mindful of other people in the background, and either use a designated area for taking photos or (if using suspension points) be mindful of the direction in which you are shooting.

- We are a fully-inclusive space and welcome everyone of all sexual orientations, racial identities/ethnicities, gender expressions, religious and political beliefs, abilities, and body types. All participants are expected to act within a way that upholds this welcoming culture and allows for everyone to feel safe while inside our venue.

Sliding Scale/Accessibility:

I am committed to promoting values-based, accessible rope education. There are 3 sliding scale ticket levels. Please choose the one that reflects your individual circumstances, needs, and ability to pay. If you feel that financial barriers are preventing you from attending class, please feel free to reach out, and I'll do my best to accomodate you.

Values and Safer Space:

The values I stand for in my involvement in the rope community are here. I reserve the right not to teach, or allow into a space I am facilitating, anyone I feel doesn't embody these values. If a situation like this comes up, I will let the individual know with as much information as I am able to share, and will refund them any future classes they've purchased from me.

If someone feels like I have behaved inconsistently with those values, I am committed to holding a safe space to hear that feedback and address all concerns. If you don't feel comfortable bringing your concerns to my attention directly, you can find information on contacting a national rope educator and organizer (who knows me, but is not a close intimate friend) who has agreed to be my accountability person here, and she will help me hear and acknowledge your concerns in a way that feels safe for you.

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