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AHHHMUSE Crystal Trunk Show in SF

Ahhhmuse is packing up several thousand glorious crystals, books, elixirs, superfoods, and evolutionary tools to offer workshops, readings, and trunk shows for San Francisco.  Being with them is super special – and to have them bring so much magic and beauty to our sweet city is divine!   Here’s Ahhhmuse online, and here are a few of the goodies they’re bringing for us, available at every trunk show, reading, and workshop:

  • crystals (like shungite, lightning-struck quartz, lithium & lemurian quartz)
  • stone carvings (skulls, dragons, deities)
  • organic raw cacao treats with nut butters & vibrational stone essences
  • mayan artifacts
  • vibrational jewelry (including custom works from bali)
  • singing bowls, hand drum & temple bells
  • stone essences (hundreds of combinations)
  • organic shungite soap & ahhhmuse mouth mud
  • crystal water structuring units that fit into your plumbing
  • glass wand sets & chakra sets (hand crafted)
  • bracelets, necklaces, pure quartz superhero rings
  • wearable shungite or lithium ankle/wrist/back bands in organic bamboo
  • advanced GDV (gas discharge visualization) photography of energy/aura
  • stone listening books & divinatory decks
  • and, THOUSANDS of different high-vibrations CRYSTALS!  (of quartz!)

For more information and to make reservations for any of the sessions listed below, please visit the Vibrant Reiki website:


Friday Night Funsies!  …with Spiritlisteners Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess
Magic StoryTime and Fantastical Trunk Show
Fri Jul 20 at 7pm
$11, RSVP required (see link for full details and reservations)

In other ages, people would gather around the fire at night and tell all the amazing tales that made life worthwhile…..especially the pure magicked one that made you tremble all over and urged you to explore ALL the dimensions of this beautiful life and amazing world.

That’s what we’re doing for “Friday Night Funsies!” (without the campfire, that is)

Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess bring the stories…but they live so spontaneously, so in the moment, that there is no planning about WHICH stories (and they have some grand ones).  In our magic moments together, they will open up to the kind, respectful collective of spirit that assembles that night.  Everyone attending is an ingredient for the magic to happen…storytime AHOY!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it? BRING QUESTIONS – LOTS of them!!! Spark the fire.

Let’s make the night fully multidimensional!  After our little fireside chat, the night will be reserved for trunk sales-a-go-go…of thousands of magnificent, high-vibrational crystals, tools, and treasures. This will be the longest night of our stay in San Francisco to be reserved solely for trunk show, so plan accordingly.  Woot!

If it’s beautiful and sparkly and helpful, and can support you as you learn and grow, it’s probably getting ready to come to California so you can fall in love together.  This is a true treat for the Bay Area! 



WORKSHOP:  Elemental, our Dear Friends!
Joyful workshop followed by zippy trunk sales of exuberant crystals & tools
Saturday, July 21, 10am-5pm
$188, RSVP required (see link for full details and reservations)
*15% discount for both weekend workshops OR workshop + reading

Our whole species is gloriously in the biggest evolution ever entertained by humans.

Translation: We’re going to need every tool EVER!  It’s time to align deeply and resoundingly with the elementals – the devic spirits of earth/fire/water/air/ethers.  When we join with them, we join with life at it’s core, because the elementals make up EVERYTHING (form, planet earth, change, feelings, weather).   Marilyn & Tohmas make aligning with the elementals easy to understand, profound with wonder, and their teachings ripple out to bring help into every area of your life.  In our day together, we’ll…

  • align with the elementals, learning simple and powerful breath patterns that innately balance us, elementally at the core of our life force.  this breathing feels ahhh-mazing, and works wonders!

  • learn the elemental language, so we know how to witness elementals in nature and life events, understand how they’re communing with us, and how to work in harmony with them

  • receive our elemental birth imprints (EBI).  we each have a unique combined imprint of elemental energies just before birth, just like we have an astrological sign that shapes our personality and skills.  we’ll share what each person’s EBI is, access your akashic records, and talk about why you came here, and how to heal

  • deepen with our annual elemental totems, for folks who already know their EBI from Ahhhmuse visits in years past.   Marilyn & Tohmas will share what your 2018 elemental totem or ally is, and how to align and work with it.

  • at every workshop, we will be surrounded by thousands of unique, vibrating, adoring crystals; tools that will happily accelerate our learning and fun, and be available for you in trunk sales afterwards.   yipppeeeee!!!

  • HERE’S THE BEST PART!  let’s bring all of this together, with the colors, foods, movements, sounds, breaths, stones, etc that line up with each elemental.   for example, how can you JUMP up at the sun to align with fire for unlimited lifeforce, creativity and transformation!  (it’s easy!)



WORKSHOP:  Care & feeding of your GNOMES and you!
Followed by trunk sales of gleeful crystals & delightful tools
Sunday, July 22, 10am-4pm
$166, RSVP required (see link for full details and reservations)
*15% discount for both weekend workshops OR workshop + reading

Everyone has totems, allies, and guides – LOTS of them!  Today Ahhhmuse shares some of theirs: the

Gnomes! They gleefully asked for this workshop, because they excel in the things that will

gloriously launch us into our current human evolution: they are worker bees, they ADORE manifesting, and they laugh endlessly.

Well, who could argue with that?

This workshop comes to you courtesy of the gnomes cavorting with Marilyn & Tohmas (soon to be with you in SF) and here’s what they are inviting us to manifest with them:

  • Who are the Gnomes: We’ll share all their qualities with you, so you know how to invite them into your life, and learn how to work and play together with such verve that you create MIRACLES!
  • What about YOUR Gnomes:  We’ll explore what each of our gnomes are like (yes, they have unique traits according to whom they’re serving) so that we make them happy, and know how to call upon them
  • How to Heal with the Gnomes:  We tried to get them to answer about how to go more deeply into our relationship with them and heal, but they said you have to come to the workshop and find out!  Ooooh, mischievous!
  • Marilyn & Tohmas have been working with gnomes (making miracles, really) for years and years, and they’ll share the wisdom and practices the gnomes offer, including the latest and greatest in sound, breath, food, movement, conscious joy, crystals, earth chakra grounding, and the elemental qualities of clarity, efficiency, perseverance, and more (again, they said ‘come and DO!’)
  • Our workshop is (of quartz) followed by trunk sales! Throughout the entire workshop we will be joyfully surrounded by thousands of unique crystals, tools, inventions, and blessings, which will allow us to very literally ground into what we’re learning.  After the workshop, they will all be for sale – woohoo!


READINGS:  One-on-one time with Ahhhmuse
Followed by trunk sales of magnificent crystals & tools
Thurs Jul 19, Fri Jul 20, Mon Jul 23, Tues Jul 24
$177, RSVP required (see link for full details and reservations)
*15% discount on a weekend workshop + a reading

Ahhhmuse will focus their full attention on you, Listen for you, and support you with the perfect tools for your individual healing and evolution.  This might include:   Elemental Birth Imprints, GDV photography of your chakras and energy body, superhero foods, aura reading, specific crystals, body scan, or evolutionary tools.

Whatever it is your heart is looking for, Marilyn & Tohmas will lay all of their tools at your feet, and lavish you in light-speed-evolution and love.  Being in the same space with Ahhhmuse is initiatic in and of itself, and having their full presence centered on you is amazing, and life-changing.  Woohoooo!


For more information and to make reservations for any of these sessions, please visit the Vibrant Reiki website: