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Hanging Playground

Hanging Playground is space for relaxation and the exploration of rope and community. We are a queer space, and welcome people of all orientations, identities and rope experience levels. Come learn, relax or join a cuddle pool with meaningful, fun conversations over delicious tea.

Louisa will be on hand to teach and assist in building your rope skills - whether you're just starting out, or you want to try something next level. 

Ticket link will be posted a week before the event.

Rope classes start at 8:15pm and we welcome singles and couples. Every class will be split for beginners to learn and experts to be challenged. No rope? We have plenty to spare. 

Suspension space is available for Rope Bondage Experts. We kindly ask that you fill out a liability waiver upon arrival. 

:: Hanging Playground is welcoming to all genders, orientations, relationship styles and kinks, and is an enthusiastic consent space. We aren't a sex space, but we expect you to be respectful as if we were. ::

This event is sponsored by Slayful, a queer sex positive collective with the mission to increase confidence and understanding around everything amorism. Amorism is an umbrella term to include sex, sexuality, gender, relationships, body image, and related topics.