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The Tantra Experience - Intro Weekend for Singles

Earlybird ticket sales end July 7th!

♡ Are you tired of swiping with dating apps and feel like you won’t settle for a cookie-cutter relationship?
♡ Are you being held back by the sensual and emotional baggage you’re carrying around?
♡ Are you ready to explore and bring something deeper, more meaningful into your lovemaking?

We hear you! Come meet your Tantra Community!

♡ Discover a safe way to feel your turn-on and then respectfully share your YUM
♡ Develop your energetic presence and attunement by entering fully into your body
♡ Release shame, fear, and old wounds around intimacy so that your radiant light can shine!

Join our Tantra Revolution! We’re out to create a new paradigm for relating based on safety and consent. In our tribe of embodied Tantrikas, we celebrate each other to feel more, to step into wholeness, and never stop growing. Learn with us how to cultivate lasting desire, deep intimacy, and profound love on this sacred path.

“Ritual Tantra offers a beautiful, profound introduction to the Tantric way of allowing sensuality – and all of life – to be an integral part of your spiritual path: integrated, healing, powerful, and in service of life.”

Who this is for:

♡ You are ready to become a passionate leader of the heart
♡ You want tools to create lasting desire, vulnerable intimacy, and profound love
♡ Your spiritual path has led you to study Tantra
♡ You can feel yourself starting to release shame, guilt, and fear
♡ You are stepping into your full sensual power
♡ You desire to connect with a community of embodied, awakened souls

This weekend training is for singles and adventurous couples of all orientations. No prior experience in Tantra necessary, just an open heart!

Here's what to expect:

In this dynamic weekend, we'll help you step into your embodied dynamic self. You'll feel vibrant, empowered, turned-on, and truly alive! You'll be immersed in our community of like-minded souls who are ready for more meaningful connection. You'll learn Tantra theory and practices to bring the sacred into intimacy and take your lovemaking to the next level!

You'll be invited to connect with other participants to practice sharing touch, desires, and intimacy only at the level the feels exactly right for you. All of the exercises will be fully-clothed.

The Ritual Tantra Approach is all about your embodied experience. That means less talk and more DOING. It means less “woo”, and more practical exercises that you can take back into your lives. Our approach is highly somatic, because we believe that when you learn by feeling directly in your body, you gain a deep understanding that leads to lasting transformation. The foundation of our container is a sense of safety and respect within the group, and an openness to feel into whatever is true for you in the moment. This creates space for your authentic expression and a blossoming of your full radiant being.

You will learn:

♡ The 4 Tantric flavors of desire
♡ Epic Tantric lovemaking!
♡ Essentials of Tantric Ritual for sacred union
♡ The 3 keys to feeling and moving subtle energy
♡ How to cultivate profound intimacy and soul-level connection
♡ Tools for healing old wounds and moving into wholeness

Facilitated by Leslie Grace and Matt Sturm

We've taught hundreds of people just like you to revolutionize lovemaking through Tantra. We’re passionate about sharing this path of deeper, more fulfilling connection. We’ve studied Tantra, somatics, yoga, and psychotherapy around the globe to craft an experience that’s powerful yet elegantly simple. We've been co-creating Ritual Tantra since 2015 to empower our community to bring the sacred into intimate connection. We hope you'll join us!

Leslie Grace:
Matt Sturm:

If you have questions or concerns, please send Matt an email at

What people are saying

“Leslie and Matt are extraordinary teachers and hold such immaculate space for all participants to truly feel safe, seen and grow. I learned so much in short period of time, and have been feeling more empowered, secure, and connected. I learned many practical tools that have enhanced my well being, relationships and connection to sensual energy. Healing through pleasure is a gift and I am so grateful! I highly recommend this program to those seeking to have a deeper understanding and experience with Tantra , who are ready to fully step into there power and want to have the most authentic/deepest loving relationships with themselves, friends, family, co-workers, Lovers, and the DIVINE (WHICH IS ALL). “

“Ritual Tantra has helped me embrace the full yumminess of life. To see the sacred even in the dark, difficult parts of life. To integrate my sensuality into who I am all the time. It’s given me a taste of the deep soulful connection I’ve always longed for in physical intimacy. And it’s opened me up to another way I can bring healing into the world. Everyone! Everyone needs this healing and this joy in their lives! But especially people who are ready to be open and vulnerable and courageous enough to do deep healing work.”

Through my tantra practice as supported by Leslie and Matt, I have reached new depths of peace, knowledge, and bliss that previously I didn't know were possible. Because of them, my life has been changed--moving through the world with this depth of self-love and acceptance has helped me fully embrace my personal power and ability to heal. Thank you Leslie and Matt!!"